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What’s Going on in June at Westminster Village North

The answer is – quite a lot! That’s because we actively seek out interesting events and healthy programs for our continuing care retirement community for those 62 and better. If you aren’t familiar with who we are or what we’re all about, plan to visit Westminster...

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Yesterday’s Baby Boom is Today’s ‘Grandparent Boom’

There are now more grandparents in the U.S. than ever before — some 70 million, according to the latest census. Incredibly, that's a 24 percent increase since 2001. In fact, the 2014 U.S. census tells us that of all adults over 40, a little better than 1 in 3 were...

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Nutritional Needs Change as Seniors Age

Getting older means your body changes – all parts of your body -- including the nutrition you need. That’s why, if you want to remain the active as you age, seniors that live active lives in retirement communities like those at Westminster Village North should...

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Update Your Thinking About Retirement Communities!

If you haven’t updated your ideas about retirement or senior communities, it’s time to shake up your thinking. Today’s retirement communities are entirely different from the “old folks homes” of yesteryear. Retirement communities range from very homelike apartments...

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The Importance of Staying Social as You Age

Did you know that isolation and loneliness can be as detrimental to your health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day? Mounting evidence from researchers at Harvard School of Public Health suggests that building and maintaining strong new and diverse social networks can...

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Here’s Why We’re Blogging

Here at Westminster Village North, we are provide caring life options for seniors that align with their individual residency needs. We want to help our seniors live safely and independently within our beautiful 57 acre campus with as much mobility, access to...

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