About Us

Westminster Village North is a nonprofit, nondenominational continuing care retirement community offering seniors residency and life options that best align with their vision of retirement. Our campus is set on 57 beautiful and historic acres located on the northeast side of Indianapolis, just south of Geist Reservoir.

We recognize that seniors are looking for a retirement community that includes safety and maintenance free homes combined with social opportunity to meet new friends and share interests.

Residency options include:

Quality of Life

As a resident of Westminster Village North, you’ll get to know some of our great staff members who help promote and maintain a high quality of life. Below are two examples of how our staff members help residents be proactive in maintaining their lifestyle.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Jimmy Midence, a personal trainer here at Westminster Village North, walks you through some of the benefits of exercising regularly. Each exercise can be modified to fit each resident’s capabilities.

Balance Assessment

Stephanie Irvine, an Occupational Therapist here at Westminster Village North, walks you through one of the many ways we help keep our residents safe. As we age, our risk of falling increases. This video talks about one of the balance tests we do with our residents that helps to evaluate their risk for falling.

In the Community

Recently, Westminster’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Laura Roman, was a guest on Indy Boomer Magazine’s podcast, talking about the decisions that go into choosing a retirement community. The video is posted below. Have these questions crossed your mind when discussing retirement communities with a loved one? Fill out the form today if you would like to schedule a tour!