Westminster Foundation

The Westminster Foundation, Inc., exists to:

  • fund the cost for life occupancy residents whose funds have been wholly or partially exhausted;
  • provide funds for special religious, musical, social, artistic, educational, recreational and health care programs, projects and facilities;
  • provide funds for research into the social, economic, psychological, religious, spiritual and health care problems of seniors;
  • foster and promote educational programs and facilities especially designed to aid persons in living happier, productive and more useful lives in their senior years.

The current Board of Directors of The Westminster Foundation are:

  • Frank Neese, President
  • Carrie Henderson, Vice President
  • Albert R. Jackson, Treasurer
  • Karen B. Woods, Secretary
  • Thomas Fisher
  • Carolyn Hardman
  • Bettye Parks
  • John Peer
  • Tom Ulsas
  • Elizabeth Coffey, Emeritus