Continuum of Care

As a continuing care retirement community, Westminster Village North makes a commitment to every life occupant resident:  We will care for you throughout the remainder of your lifetime, as your medical needs change, even if your assets are depleted.

Many people find this reassuring. And they especially appreciate the beautiful homes and apartments that they can call home. And, if their medical needs change and they need additional support, our residents move easily to our licensed Assisted Living or Health Center communities. Combined with abundant social opportunities, delicious meals and maintenance, housekeeping and security support, many seniors find they are able to enjoy their retirement years with peace of mind.

As part of our life plan community, Westminster Village North offers:


Quality of Life

Our staff members help all residents promote and maintain a high quality of life. We have put together two videos showing just a few of the ways our staff help residents proactively maintain their lifestyle.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Jimmy Midence, a personal trainer here at Westminster Village North, walks you through some of the benefits of exercising regularly. Each exercise can be modified to fit each resident’s capabilities.

Balance Assessment

Stephanie Irvine, an Occupational Therapist here at Westminster Village North, walks you through one of the many ways we help keep our residents safe. As we age, our risk of falling increases. This video talks about one of the balance tests we do with our residents that helps to evaluate their risk for falling.