Does getting older mean your workouts have to suffer? Absolutely not! Although we may need to pay more attention to body parts that “talk” to us and varying energy levels, staying active and enjoying regular work outs are absolutely great for aging gracefully.

Here’s what new research on working out shows:

  • Staying active helps prevent injury

    Exercise helps strengthen muscles, ease stiff joints, and restore coordination and balance. It can also help you lose weight, sleep better, and boost your mood. Low-impact exercises, like walking, swimming, and gentle yoga or tai chi are excellent for seniors.

  • Attitude matters

    Stay positive and focus on health and wellbeing. Those of us who focus on their pain tend to do poorly compared with those who have a proactive attitude and try to find ways to cope with their pain, according to Oregon Health and Science University.

  • Are aches and pains a natural part of aging?

    Like gray hair and wrinkles, a few aches and pains are a part of nearly everyone’s life. Most folks should be able to lead relatively pain-free lives as they age.

  • What about ‘working through’ pain?

    Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. You should never feel pain when exercising. If you do, stop and take a break.

  • Who handles pain better, men or women?

    Women and men tolerate pain differently. Women tend to use use more coping mechanisms and seek treatment more quickly. Because of that, statistically, they tend to recover from pain faster than men, but everyone handles pain a little differently.

But remember, you should always talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise program!

There are many opportunities to add exercise into your daily life here at Westminster Village North! Meet with our personal trainers to create a program that works for you. Join one of the 10+ classes offered each week in the Wellness Center, work on the Balance machine or ride our CyberCycle build endurance. Whatever you do, stay active in a way that keeps your mind and your body happy.

Staying positive and moving is the best way to age productively and promote your overall well being!