Did you know that isolation and loneliness can be as detrimental to your health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day?

Mounting evidence from researchers at Harvard School of Public Health suggests that building and maintaining strong new and diverse social networks can help to prevent declines in senior and retiree memory, chronic disease — and even mortality. In fact, Harvard researchers recently found that memory decline among the most sociable of senior retirees was less than half the rate among the least sociable!

Studies show that seniors who stay socially fit by engaging in interactions with friends can:

  • boost energy and mood
  • keep brains fit by learning a new skill
  • bond with likeminded individuals
  • help with muscular coordination
  • take minds off physical aches and pains
  • make new friends
  • re-discover forgotten hobbies
  • even get a more restful night’s sleep!

We take that information to heart here at Westminster Village North. We consider activities for the mind and body our very own “fountain of youth,“ actively seeking diverse social and community programs to maintain our residents’ health and well-being.

We also take great pleasure in seeing how readily residents here make new friendships and take part in new activities. To encourage that, we work with our newer residents to help them discover activities and seek out the social groups they may find engaging and most satisfying.

We have learned through our residents that it really doesn’t matter what your age is when it comes to embracing new social situations and forming lasting friendships. Each and every interaction comes with long-lasting social, emotional and physical advantages, plus – we all have a good time together. As one happy resident put it, “A belly-laugh a day keeps the doctor away.” Yes, we second that!

Active retirement at Westminster Village North is a time when every retiree can take full advantage of every social moment and the active freedom retirement living here provides!